Assembly Representatives may claim a per diem of $157 per overnight stay or $78.50 for a day visit to Madison.

Senators may claim a per diem of $115 if they don't live in Dane County and $57.50 if they live in Dane County.  

The current per diem rates were the result of recent raises.

No receipts are required for a legislator to get the per diem.  So, even if a legislator does not incur ANY EXPENSES working in Madison, they are entitled to claim the per diem.

Legislators are also entitled to be reimbursed $0.51 a mile for travel to and from Madison.

Legislators can take in excess of  $10,000 in additional income from these reimbursements.

Nice perk for legislators...bad deal for taxpayers!!

Legislators can take Huge "reimbursements" Without providing receipts. 

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