Please join us in our fight for basic fairness - and against blatant lawmaker HYPOCRISY.

If our part-time state lawmakers truly feel people in Wisconsin are overpaid, they should be the first to lead and reduce their own generous, full-time state compensation and benefits.

Instead, our state lawmakers are giving themselves a pay raise and our state senators just awarded themselves a 31 percent increase in their expense accounts.  That's nearly $1 Million in taxpayer money our state lawmakers receive for which they don't even have to produce a receipt.

Please ask your own Senator and Assembly Representative to lead by example.


Reduce your own wages and benefits!  Require yourselves to be fully accountable for your expense reimbursements - just like all the rest of Wisconsin's workers.

You can find the e-mail and telephone number for your Senator and Assembly Representative by going to the Legislature's website  Hover over your hometown, and the names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of your Senator and Assembly Representative will appear.



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