Current Salary

Wisconsin legislators make $50,950 a year, before fringe benefits and per diem payments.  Governor Walker's proposed 2017-2019 Budget would raise legislative salaries by 2%.

Did you get a raise this year?

Other States' Legislative Salaries

Minnesota is about the same size as Wisconsin and legislator pay is $31,000 a year.

Texas has 5 times the population of Wisconsin and legislator pay is $7,200 a year.

Florida has 4 times the population of Wisconsin and legislator pay is $30,000 a year.

Virginia has 1.5 times the population of Wisconsin and legislator pay is $18,000 a year.

Arizona and Indiana each have 1 million more people than Wisconsin and pay legislators $24,000 a year.

Only 8 states have higher legislator salaries than Wisconsin.  National Conference of State Legislators 2016 Survey.

State Legislators Should Follow the Milwaukee County Model They Adopted

In 2013, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a law to cut the pay of Milwaukee County Supervisors.

The law capped the salaries of Milwaukee County Board supervisors to the annual per capita income of Milwaukee County, which was $24,051, and eliminated health and pension benefits.

‚ÄčThe law required Milwaukee County voters to approve the cuts by referendum, and the referendum easily passed.

If limiting salaries to annual per capita income is good enough for Milwaukee County, why isn't it good enough for State legislators?

Wisconsin's per capita income in 2015was $29,563.


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